Monday, October 1, 2012

Hexie Betweenies

For the last 2 years I have been involved in an Inchy hexagon swap with fellow hexaculturalists from all over the world. Each month I would receive two, 1" finished sided, hexagon flowers in my choice of colours and patterns.

My collection to date

There is a HexyMF Quilt a long going on at Fatquarterly and I have enough to make the beautiful Lillybelle Hexy MF quilt. As usual, I cannot conform to a pattern and decided I should add a betweenie to make it larger. This is my plan.

I drew up a few scenarios and decided I liked the 'exploding hexy' betweenie the best and made a prototype last night using scraps from my humungous scrap bin (The scrap vomit quilt is definitely on my list of quilts to make).

This is not a rug but a poodle as a prop.
It will sit between clusters of flowers. I will probably use solids in grey tones with a charcoal centre as the hexagon flowers are quite busy and scrappy.

Even though the wedges are small it was not a difficult block to piece. I am working on templates to make it easier to cut and trace.

There are many ways to join hexagon flowers. What would you use?


  1. that is a great idea to put them together in this way. I have a stash of flowers that I can't decide how to put together. Waiting for inspiration..

  2. will look fabulous x

  3. Wow...this will look fabulous!

  4. Oh I love it! Hexi's are on my make it some day list. But life is too busy right now. I would put mine together in a non-traditional way, like you did.

  5. EEEEKKK! Yay!! That was a good squeel! More English Paper Piecing.. So thrilling :)

  6. Cunning plan, takes up more room therefore requiring less flowers, I like it!

  7. I really like it--great color choices, too. And that donut-like section is really cool, too. I'm working on a hexy quilt, too, with two more to follow. Hexy fever--yeah! :)

  8. Your hexies are so fantastic.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  9. Great idea - this will look fantastic

  10. I love this pattern. Will you share measurements?


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