Thursday, December 13, 2012

Build your best Log Cabin

Fons and Porter have published an e-book, "Build your Best Log Cabin". The book focuses on three of the most popular Log Cabin Styles - Traditional, Courthouse Steps and Chevron.

The book boasts 24 pages of:
  • examples of antique log cabin quilts
  • comprehensive instructions and illustrations / photos
  • measurement charts showing the centre square, strip width and strip lengths for each size block
  • Handy tips and techniques for preparing, organising and sewing a log cabin block
  • Extra tutorials on making piped bindings and finishing off a binding the 'Bumpless' way
  • Suggested Quilting patterns
  • Alternate layouts for log cabin quilts.
In addition to the basics of making a log cabin block, four designers have created patterns to share using   traditional blocks. 

Bears in Bertie's Log Cabin - Ricky Tims
The Dark Side - Lori Christianson
Linked Chevrons - Marti Michell
Woven Log Cabin - Shon McMain
I recommend this e-publication for any quilter that would like to explore the fun patterns and techniques of the traditional log cabin. Download your free copy of the e-book here

Have you ever made a log cabin quilt? Here is one I made years ago for Grandfather's 75th birthday.


  1. love log cabin blocks, One of my first quilt attempts was a log cabin. I so loved the blocks. I gifted it to my mum.
    when I look at it I see all the lessons learnt and mum wouldn't have it any other way.

  2. I do love log cabin quilts. The traditional ones take a long time. The wonky ones are faster. I vote for wonky.

  3. There is just something about a log cabin quilt! Never done one but one day maybe I will give it a go.Love the colours in the woven one.


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